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Welcome to Elemental LED! We are a premier provider of LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial customers and are leading the way with high-quality low voltage lighting for all types of indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial applications. We work with you to understand your needs and deliver tailored products, services and education to make LED lighting easy. We specialize in linear LED lighting solutions like flexible led strip lights, LED under cabinet lighting solutions, dimmable LED lights, and commercial LED lighting applications.

We are dedicated to helping you understand, adopt and benefit from LED lighting solutions through our combined LED lighting technology, customized product portfolio and extensive support services. On this site you will find LED products, programs and education targeted to our three main customer segments: residential and business customers, commercial fabricators, manufacturers and integrators, and LED wholesalers.

Everything we do begins with making it as easy as possible for you to install low voltage LED lighting. We have a complete educational section of our website and a knowledgeable customer service team of product specialists. Everything is designed around the ability to help you understand 24 and 12V LED lights including LED switches, power supplies and our complete line of LED products. We are fanatics about helping you install stylish, functional, high impact LED lights.

Our broad selection of high-quality LED lighting products can meet virtually any lighting need in interior or exterior of homes, offices, and businesses. Our commercial LED lighting customers will find a broad array of targeted solutions for display fabricators, integrators and manufacturers. General contractors, lighting designers and architects will find an extensive selection of 24 and 12V LED lighting, power supplies and accessories to meet the needs of their customers and projects. We have LED strip light and in-fixture LEDs, as well as all the necessary components to install LED lights, including LED dimmers, power supplies, controllers, and connectors.

Our products are UL and ETL listed and carry RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification, which ensures that no environmentally harmful components were used in their manufacture. We specialize in Class 2 compliant 24 and 12V LED lighting products, therefore they are perfect for all commercial LED lighting applications. Whether you are replacing your current hard-wired lighting, creating a brand new dream kitchen or bringing light to an area previously not lit, our solutions will not only function beautifully, but they will pass local code inspections.

We have a range of LED lighting options designed for function and visual impact for living spaces, kitchens, restaurants, bars and hospitality. Our cove lighting, linear shelf and under cabinet lighting, acrylic and glass edge lighting, and LED spotlights are ideal for spaces where ambient, highlight or mood lighting are important. Our LED under cabinet lighting includes a number of low profile lights and fixtures that will easily fit in tight spaces to cast warm or cool light on counter tops, cook tops and appliances, pantries, and inside and above cabinets. Our LED lights are ideal for office workspaces, retail product displays, and display cases and comes in a broad range of light output, from ambient to ultra bright. We also offer multiple colors, color and white tuning options.

LED strip light is one of the most discreet, low profile lighting solution available, perfect for coves, under cabinet lighting, and other tight spots. You will come across many LED strip light vendors, but none of them will meet the quality and consistency you can expect from Elemental LED. We back our flexible LED strip with guaranteed consistent color, lumen output (brightness) and structural integrity. All of our LED strips are cuttable, dimmable, and can be applied quickly and easily in any application.

We specialize in dimmable LED lighting, as well as waterproof, and color changing. And we are happy to help you find the right type of lighting and offer installation tips to assist you in creating the perfect LED light solution. Our dimmable 12V LED lights and compatible 12V dimmers allow you to upgrade your lights to LED and maintain the same style and functionality to which you are accustomed to. Our stylish LED dimmer switches and lighting controls give you the ability to control the brightness and color of a variety of different lights, to create the perfect aesthetic for architectural flair or functional lighting.

When it comes to dynamic color-changing lighting, few options compare to our RGB LED lights and color controllers. We have controllable color changing LED spot lights, wall-washing flood lights, light bars and LED strip light that allow you to create the perfect mood for your bar, club, restaurant, or party. These RGB LED lights can be plugged into a wall and removed when needed, or can they can be installed for a permanent lighting scheme.

Outdoor LED lighting products include waterproof floodlighting and LED strip lights that perform well when highlighting landscaping features and walkways, gardens and flowerbeds, outlining decks and building eves. They are the perfect solution for providing area light for outdoor activities. These waterproof LED lights are not only dimmable, they are incredibly easy to install and will hold up under extended use in a variety of environments.

We invite you to challenge us with your LED lighting project. Browse our website and Elemental LED Academy (the LEARN section) or talk with a product specialist via phone or convenient online chat. We can help you get the information you need about our products' specifications and help you decide which LED light solution would work best for you. We’ll even help troubleshoot your installation if you have a question. We carry an extensive in-stock inventory and offer fast shipping.

Give us a call today. We’d love to show you how we can make LED lights easy for you!

Elemental LED is a recognized U.S. based leader of innovative LED solutions. All of us at Elemental LED have one goal in mind when we work with you: make it as easy as possible. At Elemental, we go above and beyond to make sure our customers get the highest quality LED lighting products and the best service available. More than just an LED vendor, we offer a wealth of educational resources to make sure your LED lighting installation goes smoothly and performs at an optimal level for the long run.

We specialize in working with lighting designers, architects, retail display fabricators, manufacturers, commercial contractors, business owners, LED wholesalers and homeowners to find you the right LED lighting solution that fits your needs.

We know 24 and 12 volt LED lights are a new technology that many are not too familiar with. There are new considerations to work through when choosing the right product and new issues to keep in mind throughout the installation process. We make every effort to remove the guessing game so that you can install your LED lights with confidence.

For all customers, we have a highly trained team of knowledgeable LED lighting specialists based at our headquarters in Emeryville, California that is available to help you by chat or phone Monday to Friday, 7am-5pm PST. Whatever your question, whether you need help choosing the right product, configuring your installation or trouble-shooting, their wealth of LED light knowledge is at your disposal.

Commercial customers are matched with a local or headquarter based personal account manager that specializes in their industry and understands their business needs. Every project begins with a goal and a concept. It is in this stage that you will first experience the value of working with Elemental LED. Your dedicated Account Manager will work with you to fully understand your goals in order to provide application-specific LED lighting expertise. This relationship is a key component of our overall customer relationship model.

We have a long-term relationship perspective, built on understanding your unique way of doing business. It is this level of understanding that allows us to determine the best possible product configuration and lighting characteristics that will contribute to the success of the solutions that you will deliver to your own customers. This is our philosophy and the project consultation stage is the first step in making it easy to do business with Elemental LED.

The commercial LED lighting services at Elemental LED are about building a complete solution around you. We offer our commercial customers a wide range of in-house product customization options, including soldering, cutting, wiring, custom colors and more. When we customize our product specifically for your project before we deliver it, we simplify your installation and save you time and money. A true solution is more than a bill of materials and a good price. We want to prepare your commercial lighting solution for an easy fulfillment and installation process.

We can create and manufacture a custom product based on your specific project needs by modifying our product to deliver the right light output, color temperature, form factor and connectivity. Our Account Managers will work closely with you on developing a design that meets your specific needs. Then, our engineering team will thoroughly evaluate your specifications, develop a prototype and test it to make sure that it passes quality control before moving into final production.

Providing education to our customers is a core value to Elemental LED. Our website offers resources and information on 24 and 12V LED lighting technology, use and installation. All customers will find installation tutorials including videos and wiring diagrams, detailed product tech sheets, and answers to frequently asked questions. If you are a commercial LED lighting customer, you’ll also find informative articles, case studies and catalog downloads.

Get started on your LED light project now. If you are commercial customer, click Business Solutions to view all services and download resources available to you. For residential customers who have a specific project in mind, click Shop by Project to get product recommendations. If you need installation guidance, click Learn to view videos, diagrams and tutorials. If you know what you are looking for, click Shop by Item for a complete list of products by category.

We look forward to working with you!

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