Wireless LED Crystals to be Unveiled in Amsterdam

An interactive LED art piece by renowned artist Daan Roosegaarde is scheduled to be unveiled at sunset at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam, as part of the networking and innovation festival PICNIC. Roosegaarde’s piece, called “Crystal,” is described as a “digital campfire,” meaning that it provides light in a way that can be shared and encourages interaction and storytelling.

Attendants of the premier will each receive a crystal that contains an embedded, wireless LED light. Each LED crystal responds to human touch via vibration and heat sensors, and lights up based on how much movement and thermal energy it receives, ranging from “excited” to “bored.” 

Unlike many static artworks, Crystal is unique because it can be carried and moved in separate pieces or as a whole, and can be installed anywhere! Scattering the DMX LED crystals on the ground creates a pathway that lights up as you walk upon it.

You can also huddle the crystals around your feet like an actual campfire, or use them to write illuminated messages… the possibilities are endless! If you happen to be in the Netherlands this Friday the 14th, don’t miss the unveiling of this exciting and innovative artwork!

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