Unique Restaurant Lighting Ideas with LEDs

Sloane uses waterproof LED light bars with clear and colored glass bar shelves.Commercial LED lighting offers several benefits including a reduction in energy consumption and related costs, durable construction, and long performance life. While there are numerous possibilities for incorporating LED restaurant lighting into your business, here are a few ideas to get you started. With the proper LED lighting instruments you can enhance your restaurant’s aesthetics while cultivating a particular atmosphere.

Our Waterproof LED Light Bars are available in eight colors and five lengths ranging from 6-24 inches. Mounted under cabinets and shelves, especially those with glass edges, they supply an ambient glow that can be customized to create a mood that suits your restaurant’s particular ambience. Their low heat and zero ultraviolet emissions make them perfect for LED restaurant lighting of heat-sensitive items such as food, wine, and art. Also, since they are entirely waterproof, they will not be damaged by spills or unexpected exposure to water.

RGB LED wall washers are a compact, energy efficient, and waterproof way to create special lighting effects indoors and out. Whether you choose a 13” or 24” rectangular fixture, a round spotlight or Par instrument, you can use the flashing, fading, and other color changing modes to generate dynamic lighting effects that will add visual interest to your atmosphere.

Our Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light is perfect for both interior and exterior use, and is often used to light cabinet and counter areas. It is also fully submersible which means you can incorporate LED underwater lighting into your aquarium, fountain, or non-chlorinated pool. Depending on the color controller you use, you can have several modes with as many as 16 speeds and one million color options at your disposal. Also, because of its incredibly low voltage, you do not need to worry about fire and safety hazards.

These are just a few ides of how you can create a unique atmosphere with LED restaurant lighting. Because LEDs are so versatile and durable, you can implement virtually any lighting scheme, while enjoying the ecological and economical benefits of LED technology.

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