Toshiba Ends Incandescent Bulb Production

After 120 years of manufacturing and selling incandescent bulbs, Toshiba is shutting the doors of its incandescent bulb factories on March 19th 2010. In 2008, Toshiba made the decision to focus on environmentally friendly lighting, and began to transition to lighting options that reduced carbon emissions, epsecially LED lights. The company was planning on giving itself at least another year to phase incandescent lights out entirely, but with the ever-burgeoning LED market, it seemed that now was as good a time as ever to switch over to LED lights. The move will lead to total of 430,000 tons of carbon dioxide reduction. Several companies are making the switch to LEDs, but coming from Toshiba, the move is significant because of the sheer volume of incandescent bulbs the company was producing. "From an initial production of only 10 bulbs a day in 1890, production climbed to a peak of 78 million a year, and cumulative shipments to date add up to 4.07 billion bulbs," according to "The end of production of general-use incandescent bulbs marks the end for a total of 103 products, and it is expected to bring down CO2 emissions by 430,000 tons a year against the benchmark year of 2008, when Toshiba manufactured some 20 million units a year." 


We here at Elemental are glad to see a general shift towards LED lights taking place in the lighting industry. For our part, we want to make it as easy as possible for consumers and businesses alike to make the shift to LED lighting solutions. That's why we have a complete line of LED retrofitting products and LED light bulbs that can fit into the same sockets that your incandescent bulbs used to! And there are also lots of LED Strip Lighting and full color LED products in case you want to make things interesting. Making the switch will save you money and hassle over time, and you can rest easy knowing you're doing your part to help make our planet a healthier place.

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