The Benefits of LEDs for Sign Lighting

Store Sign Lit by LED LightsBenefits of LED Sign Lights Beyond the Basics

A store owner or manager’s main responsibility is to attract people to the place of business and successfully encourage them to purchase a product, whether it includes goods, services, or some combination therein. There are countless strategies to do this and the number of variables that must keep straight is incredible, but marketing is surely one of the most important strategies. This is where LED sign lights can surprise a store owner with their versatility, effectiveness, and unexpected benefits. With contemporary LED lighting a store’s sign or signs can have a small but significant impact on how successfully they draw in customers.

First, consider the likelihood of a sign lighting burning out during business hours. Conventional sign lights use incandescent bulbs, which often have a lifespan rating of less than 1000 hours. That means for a business such as a bar that uses its signs to attract customers at night, or a retail shop that leaves signs on after closing to maintain its marketing presence in the community, sign bulbs burn out very quickly. At four hours of use per day, a small amount, a 1000 hour lifespan bulb would last only 250 days. This lifespan is further decreased by the number of times an incandescent bulb is cycled on and off.

So if that burnout happens early, or just unexpectedly during business hours, the store is left scrambling to get inside the sign and replace the bulb or lose out on precious peak-time marketing, and that’s only possible if they have a spare on hand. Contrast that with LED sign lights, which have a lifetime rating of up to 50,000 hours. At the same usage levels as the above example, they would have over thirty years of use. In other words, the first unexpected benefit of using LEDs to light a sign is being able to virtually forget about the lighting and never worry that it might go out at an inopportune time.

Next, think about the heat that incandescent lights emit. In fact, these old lights are only about ten percent efficient, with the other 90 percent of the electricity they consume wasted as heat. Many businesses, including restaurants and retail shops, keep some of their signs inside the store. The extra heat generated by signs kept inside small buildings can make them uncomfortable, and can in certain circumstances pose a significant safety risk. Many incandescent light bulbs get hot enough to start fires if they are touching a flammable surface. LED sign lights on the other hand, produce virtually no heat, at most 5 to 10 degrees above ambient temperature in many cases. The added safety and comfort of lights that produce no heat can be very important for many types of businesses.

Lastly, LED lights are more durable than incandescent bulbs. They don’t shatter when dropped or hit. This means that with signs in bars or movable lighted signs there is a far smaller risk of damage when using LED sign lights. Knowing that a sign is unlikely to be broken by accident may provide employees and store owners with some extra peace of mind, and will certainly cut down on replacement costs.

Of course, these three unexpected benefits of LED sign lights come in addition to the biggest value of LEDs: they consume roughly one fifth as much electricity as incandescent bulbs, meaning significantly lower electricity bills. This is the most direct way that LEDs impact a business’ bottom line, making its marketing efforts more affordable.

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