Three LED Lighting Ideas for Home Entertaining

Getting into the mood for a party requires a few things: the right company, the right libations and the right lighting. The first two are pretty easy to come by, if you like your friends and they know to never show up to a party empty handed. The third is up to you as host, and can also be a snap with a few simple LED lighting updates. Following are some of my favorite ideas for creating LED lighting for home entertaining, and how to use Elemental LED products to create the same look.

Remember a few weeks ago when I interviewed lighting designer James Bedell? He mentioned back lighting TV screens as a lighting feature he would like to try in home design. It turns out that this idea, especially when incorporating color changing LED lights, would produce great mood lighting for a party as well. These light bars from EnergySmart boast audio-responsiveness, but any Elemental LED fan knows you can create an even more versatile effect using Elemental LED color-changing LED strip lights or color changing LED light bars and the Apollo Jammer, the LED music controller that allows you to synch color-changing lights to your music or any audio device.

If you’re going for a more bohemian-chic vibe, I love this DIY chandelier, which can be made by using two grape leave wreaths and string lights. This idea comes from Casa Sugar, and I especially like it because it’s a way to use holiday LED lights year round! By using Elemental LED’s Celebright LED Christmas lights, you’d save yourself a lot of time and trouble wrapping the lights around the wreaths, thanks to their convenient, bendy wire string. You’d also cut out a lot of worry, since LED lights don’t get hot, you wouldn’t have a fire hazard hanging over your head!

On that note, here’s another great idea for home entertaining: A Life Hacker DIY enthusiast created colorful little globe lights by drilling holes into ping-pong balls and wiggling regular string lights through the holes. The ping-pong balls diffuse the light, creating a warm glow and more inviting, ambient illumination. The only problem, which I surmised from reading a few comments below the post, is that the material used to make ping-pong balls—nitrocellulose—is highly flammable. Some experts claim this project would be very dangerous due to the heat output of regular incandescent string lights. But if you use Elemental LED’s Celebright LED lights instead, or even Flexible LED Strip Lights, they won’t get hot enough to pose a fire risk at all. Added bonus: you’ll also save a lot on your electricity bill!

Here’s to happy, safe and well-lit partying, everyone!

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