Thomas's LED Puck Light Kitchen Installation

thomas led puck light installation 1

Our customer Thomas from Surrey, British Columbia shared some gorgeous photos of an installation in his kitchen using our Cree LED Puck Lights. After unsuccessfully trying out LED pucks from some other LED retailers, he found the color and brightness of our Cree LED Pucks to be a perfect match for the colors and textures in his kitchen. He sent us a short note describing the project:

"Project objective:

  • Replace existing Halogen puck lights with LED
  • Get enough brightness for working area
  • get proper colour rendering, so that food looks appealing (delicious)
  • look stylish


"Considered and tried various products. These did not meet our expectations in terms of brightness, looks or light throw (light pattern in the back-splash). Found Elemental during internet search. Lamps seemed to meet criteria 2 & 4. Because I was not sure about colour rendering, I bought "warm" and "neutral". Intended to alternate to get in-between colour rendering. Found out that the "Warm" gives the perfect colour rendering for the kitchen. Light is a little "colder" than the halogen pucks. "Neutral" pucks give to cold light. Food looks borderline disgusting (specifically breads and meat).

"As you can see from the images Cree pucks, warm, are doing a perfect job for us.

"Cheers, Thomas"

He was also kind enough to send a picture of the lights against his color-rendering reference card (below), showing that the puck lights emit a clean white light with a hint of warmth.


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