The sign we had made for our booth at Maker Faire 2009

This sign was built for the Elemental LED booth at Maker Faire 2009 in San Mateo.

Creator Joe Martin describes how it works: "Each circle of their logo is an individually addressable RGB pixel with 12-bit color depth. The sign can function independently and display random color fades, or can be controlled via serial from a computer or MIDI from any MIDI device.

"In this demonstration, a Jitter patch written by my pal John Taylor sends control codes to the sign from on-screen color sliders, as well as scales movie files down to 4x4 and sends them to the sign. These movies can be used to control either colors or the luminosity of whatever color you have selected. In addition, the patch watches for OpenOSC packets so that you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to control the colors of the sign.

"My controller circuit board design uses a TI LED driver chips to control 48 discrete channels with constant current control for 30mA per channel at up to 40V. I cut the sign as well as the eggcrate bezels out of 1/8" acrylic on an Epilog 40W laser cutter/engraver."

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