The Airstream Trend: Using LED Lights to Redesign Classic Travel Trailers

Few products meld style and function as well as LED lights, but something that comes close in my mind are Airstream travel trailers. These sleek, vintage trailers have been around since the 30s but have been making a comeback in the design world—big names like Ralph Lauren (above) and MacKenzie-Childs (below) recently remodeled Airstream interiors to look snazzier than most people’s real homes.

It seems many Airstream enthusiasts think of their trailers as traveling art pieces, using them to express the quirky side of their personalities and taking more design risks than they might at home. Lighting plays a big role in tying these eclectic designs together, and is very important for making a small space both functional and stylish. Following are some of my favorite Airstream interiors, along with tips about how to use Elemental LED lighting to create the same effect.

San Francisco's Climb Real Estate Group turned this 1964 Airstream trailer into a roving office; it looks like a fun place to work, don’t you think? Instead of using high-energy lighting fixtures mounted to the wall, however, you could use LED Strip Lights to provide low-cost directional lighting that also highlights the unique curvature of the space, not to mention the cool reflective walls. Considering that Climb outfitted the trailer with solar panels to power WIFI and lighting, energy efficient LED lights would definitely be the best choice.

And taking things in another direction, this cute vintage interior matches the vintage exterior of the airstream perfectly! But some sleek under cabinet LED lights could provide some much needed illumination in the kitchen workspace without compromising aesthetic.

This sleek space, designed by Able + Baker, features all kinds of custom additions, like walnut cabinetry and an automated, cantilevered bed, powered by a modified garage door motor, and wired to the original Airstream Control Panel! I think the lighting could be improved, however. The addition of LED Puck Lights on the ceiling, and a few sections of strip light around the perimeter of the ceiling and above the sofa would highlight the architectural lines and to brighten things up a bit.

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