Tara Upcycles Old Lamp with Film Negatives and LED Strip Lights

After finding a lamp from a second hand store and always wanting to make use of her boxes of old film negatives, Customer Service Representative Tara Bowerman decided to combine the two and create an up-cycled lamp that would be unique for her living room. In her own words, Tara describes her making-of process:

Finding ways to repurpose items is a great way to reduce waste entering into our landfills and save money at the same time. For this project, all that was needed were acrylic paints to give it a new look. I painted the lamp into a cool mosaic design with a mix of purples, reds, and blues. I reused the same shade frame where I hung 14” negative strips vertically that were attached by self-made grommets.

The lighting was achieved by combing both UV and cool white led’s molded into a loose tangled ball powered by a PORTAVOLT ™ Rechargeable Battery Pack. This allows the negatives to project a nice wash onto a near-by wall.

Tara also used our:
FLUID VIEW™ 12V LED Tape Light - 5' of white and 4' of purple
CLICKTIGHT® DC Plug Connector

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