Single Vegetarians and Vegans Speed Date in the San Francisco Bay Area

speed datingSpeed-dating is a great way to meet a lot of different people in a short period of time who are like-minded and enjoy similar lifestyles… If you like that kind of thing, of course.   Now, through a company called, there are speed-dating events specifically for vegans and vegetarians, and these events are gaining popularity.

The thought behind this speed-dating business is that there is a large population of vegan and vegetarian singles in the San Francisco Bay Area and it is difficult for them to connect with other singles who share their dietary and ethical values.   Apparently, the idea is catching on because every event has been sold out.

Events last 2-3 hours and target age ranges specified by attendees.  Activities range from scavenger hunts, to hiking, to a day at the Lawrence Hall of Science.  This is just another way businesses are taking advantage of the growing eco-conscious population in the San Francisco Bay Area.  To check out more events go to the Veg Speed-Dating Website.

Now, if they only had this for cat and dog owners.  That way people wouldn’t have to deal with being allergic to their lover’s cat or have to deal with their lover’s life revolving around their dog.

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