Side View LED Strip Light Refurbishes Retro Miller Sign

One man's trash is another man's treasure, as Tim Wells our Project Manager learned one day walking into an antique store after a hearty meal with his girlfriend. With a brush of fresh paint and new lights, Tim turned this old Miller sign into new retro decor. Read on for his making of process:

My girlfriend and I were walking along Park Street in Alameda on a Saturday after getting lunch at the German restaurant. The full liters of beer we’d consumed put us in a state far likely to spend money on things we didn’t need. So when we passed an antique store having a 50% off sale, we dove in. There was a ton of stuff there and all of it screamed to be upgraded with LED technology, but I didn’t have the time nor the money to get too invested in it.

The antique store had a basement and back in the corner forgotten was this old Miller High Life display. It was cracked and one of the two plastic faux beer bottles had disappeared. The remaining one had no stickers left on it.

So, I paid 10 bucks for it and took it home.

The LEDifying process was pretty simple. I had painted the backing of it green to cover some of the more unsightly damage that had been done to the display. Then I used some 2' splice connectors and two 4" sections of SIDEWINDER™ 12V LED Tape Light.

Each piece of side view strip lit the bottle next to it. I ran the splice connectors out the back, and with two DC wire plugs and a 2 way splitter it was ready to be plugged in.

Then I mounted two actual, full bottles of Miller High Life to the display with 3M VHB tape with some extra help from some silicone caulk.

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