Safe Night Riding Made Easy with Bike Lights using our LED strip light

Customer Service Supervisor, Corey Whitfield, was biking home from work one evening when he was stopped by the local police for not having the proper lighting. Luckily, Corey got off from a warning because after telling the officer he works here at Elemental LED and can set something up the next day. Read on for Corey's walkthrough of his set up:

I thought about what would give me the best illumination with the least amount of strip and I settled on our BLAZE™ Wet Location LED Strip Light in Neutral White and a section of DAZZLE 24™ 24V Wet Location LED Strip Light. I only used three 4" sections I pulled from our partial bin and found a busted 16' extension cable in the warehouse. I cut and wired all the sections then shrink wrapped them and brought everything back to a battery case that contains a 9V battery and has an on and off switch. With the RGB strip I only wired the red channel. It puts out a good amount of light and the battery has lasted over 6 months without changing. I get stopped by a lot of bikers and the majority have given me alot of positive feedback and have even asked me to make them some!

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