RGB LED Lights Create Interactive Environment, Liquid Space

Liquid Space by Daan Roosegaarde is a lot of things. It’s an interactive space; it’s a kinetic sculpture; and it’s a mesmerizing piece of LED light art. Inspired by the movements of jellyfish, this three-pronged structure is tall enough for an average sized person to stand under and moves in a way that’s both organic and robotic—like a bionic creature straight out of an epic sci-fi saga. Dutch artist Roosegaarde describes Liquid Space as an “interactive space which physically becomes bigger, smaller and brighter in relation to human behavior. As organic fusion of mechanisms, embedded electronics, sound and LEDs the artwork creates a playful dialogue with its visitors.”

This incredible piece of art (version 6.0) premiered at The Yamaguci Center for Arts and Media in Japan in 2008. The second version (6.1) made its first appearance at Oerol, a summer festival on the island of Terschellings in New Zealand in 2009. It has made several appearances every year since then across Europe, from the United Kingdom to Germany and the Netherlands. Like many of Roosegaarde’s pieces, Liquid Space emphasizes the marriage between humanity and technology, and juxtaposes nature with the industrialized world. Watching Liquid Space in action, the thing that strikes me most is how fun it looks to dance and play beneath the giant. RGB LED structure, as it responds to your movements with its own.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Roosengaarde’s other LED light art pieces, including Crystal, Sustainable Dance Floor and Dune.

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