Retail Display Lighting Solutions: EQUIFLUX and AVENUE 24

Retail and display lighting requires fixtures with forms factors that integrate into new designs and pre-existing frameworks, and which deliver a higher-than-average light quality. Elemental LED offers two solutions in particular that work very well for display and retail lighting.

The EQUIFLUX 1545 model

The EQUIFLUX™ LED Display Graphics Lighting System is a high-powered LED linear light mounted on rigid metal PCB that provides bright, even lighting for retail and trade show display graphics. The optical LEDs were designed specifically to produce uniform illumination without hot spots or shadows. The bright, evenly distributed light renders whites cleanly and colors vividly. A warmer, truer rendering of colors makes all the difference between a dull, bluish-looking image and one that pops.

The EQUIFLUX 1545 model optical lens

EQUIFLUX comes in two models that offer slightly different specs for precise illumination, and both feature optical lenses that create a column of consistent illumination. The EQUIFLUX 1545 model has a 15X45 degree lens: the 15 degree light beam focuses the vertical light output within a narrow framework, while the 45 degree beam maximizes the spread for overall side-to-side coverage. The EQUIFLUX 1055 model has a 10X55 degree lens that creates a slightly tighter and broader elliptical light throw.


For a linear lighting solution, AVENUE 24™ Premium 24V LED Strip Light delivers architectural grade light with an impressive Color Rendering Index (CRI) for accurate color representation. The high efficacy, dimmable, and high CRI white light is available in a warm or cool CCT. AVENUE 24 can extend up to forty feet on a single run, and includes 3M™ adhesive backing that is easy to install virtually anywhere.

These features make AVENUE 24 a popular choice for architectural fill and accent lighting, high-end retail stores, and any spaces where color and presentation are essential.

The benefits of both products extend beyond CRI, light beam angles, and lumen output. Solid state LEDs are more cost-effective and reliable than traditional display graphics lighting. LEDs produce no UV light, eliminating the risk of fading graphics or damaging materials. The lifespan of the LEDs significantly reduce maintenance costs. The LEDs remain cool during operation, increasing your options for placement and eliminating the need for ventilation. Visit the EQUIFLUX and AVENUE 24 product pages to find out more about these premium lighting solutions.


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