Remote Control LED Heels Make a Splash in Fashion World

Fashion mavens and LED enthusiasts rejoice! Your two worlds have collided, resulting in a pair of shoes that’s actually kind of cool-looking. We’ve seen a lot of LED-based fashion over the years, and it’s slowly and steadily becoming more wearable. These remote control LED heels are testamate to that fact. Sure, they’re not something you would wear to a business meeting, but they’ve got a steam-punk vibe and fashion-forward design that some people (like Lady Gaga, for instance) just might be able to pull off. Designed by The Ratchet and Cog, a Hesperia, CA-based fashion and design company, the shoes feature lace, glass beads and rhinestones and exude a vintage feel while also incorporating cutting-edge, color-changing LED technology. Each heel contains LED lights, which can display 16 different colors and 5 different settings, from a gentle fade to a pulsing strobe. Just use the RGB controller that comes with each pair to change colors and settings remotely…what fun! To be sure, these aren’t shoes you can wear everyday for years. But each heel comes with its own charger and rechargeable batteries, which can be used 250 times over. If nothing else, they’re certainly indicative of a growing LED fashion trend. And at $180 per pair, they just might be worth it. What do you think?

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