Red and Blue LEDs for Indoor Growing

Dutch scientists have determined how to grow fruits and vegetables, including cucumbers, beans, corn, peppers, zucchini and raspberries, using only blue and red LED lights. It had been previously thought that only decorative plants could be grown in this way; fruit and vegetable-bearing plants require more energy to create healthy produce, and scientists previously thought that LED lights would not provide a strong enough light source for these types of plants. The new findings have significant implications for indoor urban gardening and even for growing food in space. The new method also allows gardeners to forgo pesticides and insecticides and cut back on water consumption by 95 percent, compared to other indoor gardening methods.

According to NDJ World, the scientists say their new growing method can be “used anywhere in the world and in any climate condition.” It turns out that while this is breaking news to the Dutch scientific community, gardeners in the United States have been growing vegetables with red and blue LED lights for quite some time.

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