Recessed LED Lighting: Product and Installation Ideas

Recessed LED lighting with wood finish puckWhen you’re shopping for LED recessed lighting for cabinets, shelves or accent lighting, you have several options. The form factor and lighting features of each recessed lighting product lends itself to the unique needs of different applications. The compact design of recessed LED lighting means that the light source is invisible, leaving the focus on an area or room, not the lights. Recessed lights can also be easily integrated into new or retrofit construction, which cuts down on time and expense.

Here are a few recessed LED lighting options that you can easily integrate into your home utilizing the LED products in our catalog:

LED Recessed Lighting with Puck For installations where a place to install narrow linear lighting is already present, like in a cove or gap, an LED Strip Light by itself is made to order. About as wide as a pinkie finger and very low profile, LED strip can be easily fixed in place with its own adhesive backing. Strip light provides a long, wide cast of light and is available in a selection of color temperatures and brightness levels that work with any room décor and design style.

LED strip light installed in an Aluminum Channel is another ideal option for a clean, smooth installation of linear lighting. The channel, which can be cut to length, is mounted inside a groove in the underside of a cabinet, shelf or other area in need of light. The groove can be milled out by a contractor or yourself, depending on how comfortable you are with wielding a power tool. After being fitted with a clear or diffused cover, the aluminum channel provides a heat sink for the strip light and protection from dust. LED recessed lighting in this form has a sleek finish that can be hidden from view or be an attractive, visible part of an interior design.

LED Recessed Lighting installation with PuckFor more focused spot lighting, the LED Puck Light is designed for recessed lighting in almost any surface material. Whether lighting under or inside display cases, cabinets or shelves, or in nooks and alcoves, pucks can dramatically light a small area or highlight an object. Puck lights feature spring clips for easy, hardware-free mounting, and also include DC plugs, so they can be plugged in and unplugged easily, and are available in a variety of finishes that coordinate with cabinets and furnishings.

You’ve got several options to choose from when installing recessed LED lighting, and we here at Elemental LED want to help. Call or chat live with one of our product specialists today and we’ll help you figure out which solution is right for your living space.

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