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A linear light for every application.

From accent lighting to full-power cove lighting, from kitchen under-cabinet to robust exterior lighting, we manufacture the right linear LED light for every application. Color temperatures range from candlelight (2000K) to daylight (6300K), and everything in between. Choose the output, color, and performance tier that is right for your project — all with a warranty of 5, 7, or 12 years.

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  1. VALENT® X Wet Location
    Precision-engineered, high density tape light for wet locations (IP65). Up to 500+ lumens per foot with 95+ CRI / 90+ R9. 12 year warranty.
    Color (CCT) CRI









  2. VALENT® RGBW Wet Location
    Bright, saturated RGBW tape light for high performance color changing applications. Capable of billions of color combinations, plus pure 3000K white light. Suitable for wet locations (IP65).
  3. VALENT® Warm Dim
    High density tape light that glows warmer as it dims.
  4. VALENT® Warm Dim Wet Location LED Tape Light
    High density tape light that glows warmer as it dims. For outdoor or wet locations, this tape light convincingly replicates the warm, familiar glow of incandescent light with the simplicity of a two-wire LED tape light installation.

4 Item(s)

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