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New Video from Elemental LED Asserts “LED Lighting is Everywhere”

From bright, cool white headlamps to soft, warm white bulbs in living room lamps, a new video by Elemental LED advertises the breadth of LED lighting currently on the market.

Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, recently released a new video titled LED Lighting is Everywhere. The 56-second video shows a fast-paced series of everyday lighting applications in which LEDs are used. These images illustrate a broad range of current LED applications that are not well known to the general public.

“We are constantly combating the assumption that LEDs are tomorrow’s lighting, or that LEDs are only for street lamps, or only for TV screens. The list goes on and on,” says Elemental LED Marketing Manager, Charlotte Dick. “We hope to break that assumption with this video and show the public that LED lighting is everywhere, and ready for an unlimited number of applications.”

Some of the applications in the video are meant to surprise viewers, like the addition of waterproof ultra-violet LED lights to the spout of a bathroom faucet, which sterilizes the water. A little boy featured in this scene of the video shows his surprise and wonderment at what LEDs can do. Other applications featured in the video include dimmable LED kitchen task lighting, colorful aquarium lighting, and warm white lighting from a standard living room lamp.

Words on the screen, pixilated to mimic LEDs, emphasize the qualities of the lighting showcased. “Luxury” follows a scene of a large wet bar edge lit with blue LEDs, and “Mastery” follows a scene of theatrical wall washers lighting a ping pong tournament. The video ends with the words “Everywhere LED” transforming into “Elemental LED.”

“We want to promote the LED industry as a whole, as well as our contributions to it. Aside from the alarm clock, car, and street lights, we currently sell all the LED products showcased in this video,” says Elemental LED Director of Business Development, Matthew John.

LED Lighting is Everywhere can be viewed on Youtube and the Elemental LED website.

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