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Employee DIY LED Lighting Project at Elemental LED Sparks Creativity in the Workplace

Alien helmet lit with LED lightsEmployees shared impressive LED lighting projects last week, after being given a month’s time and a modest budget

Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, has launched a new monthly initiative, which provides incentives for employees to create their own projects that utilize LED lights. Managers launched the program in the beginning of May, and employees showed off their first projects last week.

Every month, each participating employee will be given a modest budget to be spent on any of the LED lights and accessories in Elemental LED’s catalog of products. At the end of each month, management will host a show and tell, in which each employee is given the opportunity to show off his/her creation. Everyone present will vote on their favorites, and the winners will receive gift certificates to local restaurants and stores.

Projects that were shared for the month of May included: A movie box lit by LED light bars; a color changing LED-lit alien helmet; a motorcycle headlight retrofitted with LED dome lights; an art piece inspired by Shaun Kasperbauer, and composed of empty plastic bottles and color changing LED strip light; a bike rider kit including LED strip light retrofitted to a bike helmet and messenger bag for safety; and several other submissions.

“The first month of the Employee DIY project was a major success. I was incredibly impressed by the creativity and innovation people put into their LED lighting designs, and can’t wait to see what people come up with in the months to come,” says Elemental LED Marketing Manager Charlotte Dick.

Creative Engineer Dan Nelson adds, “Now that the use of LED lights has become more mainstream, we wanted to help bring attention to what you can accomplish with LEDs that you can’t with ordinary light fixtures and bulbs. These projects show that LED lights aren’t just a substitute for other lights, they’re a whole new, exciting set of tools.”

The Employee DIY project will benefit the company in several ways. It will help the company generate content for the LEDucation section of the company’s website, and generate interest in the company from people who visit outside sites like It will also incite creativity, innovative thinking about the uses of LEDs, and a sense of ownership among employees at the company, which managers hope will trickle through to customers on the phone and online.

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