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Elemental LED Shapes the Future of Dimmable LED Lighting with the Reign Dimmer Switch and PWM Injector

Reign Dimmer 60W Driver PackageThe development of the PWM Injector and the Reign Dimmer Switch offer limitless watt output to LED lights.

Elemental LED, a San Francisco based LED lighting company, consistently searches the marketplace for new LED products that meet its high standards of quality. Elemental LED was not able to find a dimmer that delivered excellent dimmable LED performance while maintaining the stylish look and feel of a Lutron dimmer, so the company developed its own solution. Elemental LED recently introduced the Reign 12V LED Dimmer Switch and will soon release the innovative PWM Injector, a pulse width modulation accessory that adds wattage expandability to the dimmer switch and dimmable LED lights.

The Reign 12V LED Dimmer Switch allows a person to enjoy the benefits of LED lights without sacrificing the features of traditional dimmable lighting. The Reign Dimmer Switch works in conjunction with the inexpensive 60W 12V Indoor/Outdoor Driver to provide a cost-saving solution for dimmable led lights. Elemental LED is currently offering a special package price of $129.99: A savings of $19.99. When compared to the cost of purchasing the low-voltage Lutron Diva Dimmer Switch ($65-85) and the necessary driver, such as a 60W 12V TechnoMagnet Dimmable Driver ($139.99), it is a savings of $75-95 or as much as 42%.

An LED configuration such as the Lutron Diva with the TechnoMagnet Dimmable Driver can be used with a pre-existing 120V AC wall dimmer, but it is still drawing upon high-voltage AC energy and converting it into low-voltage DC power for the LED fixture. This reduces overall power consumption, but does not provide the maximum savings of fully converting to a low-voltage system. 12V DC is becoming more commonly used in household wiring and offers easier integration with alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. Factoring in the lower price of the Reign Dimmer and 12V Indoor/Outdoor Driver system, the greater reduction of power consumption and cost and the capacity to adapt to alternative energy solutions as they evolve, fully converting to a low-voltage DC system for dimmable LED lights provides the most benefits.

The Reign Dimmer Switch offers a smooth, 0-100% dimming range and does not flicker, hum, or jump. It is available in full, rocker and button slide styles and fits into standard wall light boxes. The Reign Switch offers seamless installation into existing switch boxes. The superior performance and hassle-free installation of the Reign Switch and the Indoor/Outdoor Driver solidify it as an excellent choice for home or business dimmable LED lighting.

Coupled with the PWM injector, the capacity of the Reign Dimmer increases and supports large installations from one switch. Without the PWM Injector, the Reign Dimmer Switch is conservatively rated for 60W output. To increase this output, the PWM connects to a new power supply and the output circuit of the Reign Dimmer, driving an additional 60 watts. The PWM signal is opto-isolated and regenerated, meaning several PWM Injectors can work with the same Reign Switch. This controls the signal multiplied over long distances.

The successful launch of the Reign Dimmer Switch and the upcoming launch of its first accessory, the PWM Injector, have created excitement in the industry. The special $129.99 package price of the Reign Switch and the 60W 12V Indoor/Outdoor Driver is a way to share the excitement with customers. Elemental LED will continue to provide solutions in dimmable LED lighting and offer innovative, stylish and high quality lighting now and well into the future.

The PWM Injector will be available for purchase from Elemental LED on December 1, 2010. The Reign Dimmer Switch is currently available on the Elemental LED website. To find out more about the benefits of LEDs, as well as these and other LED products, visit

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