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Elemental LED Redefines Green Community Outreach with the Launch of REACH

LEDs Light up Downtown Oakland abandoned storefrontsFrom LED lighting donations and subsidies, to educational workshops and community outreach projects, REACH is empowering San Francisco Bay Area residents to conserve energy and focus on sustainability.

Elemental LED, A San Francisco Bay Area based lighting company, officially launched a new philanthropic program, Reduce Energy And Contribute to Humanity (REACH).  REACH recently partnered with the Downtown Oakland Association and provided over $1,500 in subsidies to beautify abandoned storefronts in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood.

Works from local artists and LED lights from Elemental LED now illuminate the windows of what once were unoccupied storefronts. The Downtown Oakland Association and the REACH program aim to showcase local culture while creating a warm, safe environment that will attract businesses and consumers to the area.  With the use of LEDs, they will also be able to keep energy costs low.

“REACH is about finding ways to engage our community in a conversation about energy conservation,” says Michael Gutman, REACH Program Director. “Plus, if we can use LEDs to light up the lives of people and organizations who are already engaged in sustainability outreach, then it’s the local communities who see the benefits and lasting impacts”

Elemental LED’s new REACH Program is designed to engage and empower its fellow neighbors in the San Francisco Bay Area through community outreach, education and philanthropy. The program aims to reduce the amount of energy the world consumes by focusing on the triple bottom line: Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability.  REACH helps produce thriving communities that embrace social prosperity and economic growth without sacrificing the health of the environment, as seen in the partnership with the Downtown Oakland Association

Steve Snider, Downtown Oakland Association District Manager remarks, “Thanks to REACH we were really able to stretch our budget and get as much energy efficient LED lighting in the storefronts as possible.  The artwork helps to showcase Oakland’s rich, artistic culture and the community really gets to reap the benefits of a beautifully lit neighborhood.  Downtown Oakland is transforming into an epicenter for economic growth and it is amazing what a little bit of light can do.”

REACH and the Downtown Oakland Association plan to work together to further educate the community on the benefits of energy efficient LEDs and to light up Oakland, yielding a comfortable, safe setting for businesses, consumers and residents.

REACH is currently looking to partner with San Francisco Bay Area non-profits, municipalities, organizations, public and private utilities and green contractors who are working towards sustainability and think their community would benefit from energy efficient lighting.  For more information or to contact REACH, please visit

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