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Elemental LED Offers New Resources for Large LED Lighting Installations

Large LED lighting installation diagramNew Products, Installation Tutorials and Wiring Diagrams make it Easier and More Affordable for Customers to Install 12V LED Lighting in Large Spaces

Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based lighting company, now offers installation tutorials and products for large LED lighting installations. These new offerings position the company as a resource to large buyers seeking products and expertise on 12V LED lighting. The tutorials include video, written instructions, and wiring diagrams on how to configure 12V LED lighting products for large spaces. Elemental LED is offering 100-foot LED strip light spools and high wattage capacity 12V drivers in response to customer demand and as part of an effort to offer a spectrum of resources for large installation buyers.

“12V DC installation is new to almost everyone and we are proud to be an educational resource,” says Elemental LED CEO Max Darling. “Educating our customers about the run limits of LED fixtures and the issue of voltage drop is essential for large installations.”

Observing run limits when stringing together multiple feet of LED strip lights or fixtures insures that those LED fixtures will not lose power and will last a long time. Elemental LED provides a comprehensive run limit table, which includes each of the company’s LED lighting fixture and strip light products.

The new tutorial explains how to avoid voltage drop when installing an LED fixture far from a 12V power source and how to avoid overloading a 12V driver. Wiring diagrams provide installation examples of how to properly configure LED lighting fixtures, power supplies and wiring that adhere to run limits and avoid voltage drop.

Elemental LED added 100-foot Flexible LED Strip Light spools to their product line at the request of their customers. The company has offered shorter spools of all their LED strip light products for over two years, including standard flexible, high density, waterproof and color-changing versions. The new offerings by Elemental LED signal that demand for these high-quality, versatile products has risen, and that Elemental LED has stayed on top of their customers‘ needs by offering large quantities at affordable prices.

300W and 600W hard-wired 12V drivers, or transformers, are also now available from Elemental LED. "Large LED installations often call for a lot of power. Our new 300 and 600 watt drivers will help make installations easier and more economical than using multiple small capacity drivers," says JB Lowe, Customer Service Technician at Elemental LED.

To learn more about the large installation resources at Elemental LED, along with an abundance of LED and 12V technology information, please visit

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