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Elemental LED Introduces World’s First Stylish Wall-Mountable LED Dimmer Switch

Reign Dimmer SwitchesReign Dimmable Switches offer smooth, 0-100% dimming capabilities, freedom from clunky drivers, and dimmable LED lighting solutions that are accessible to all.

Elemental LED, a San Francisco-based LED lighting retailer, is excited to announce the release of Reign: a new line of wall-mountable, LED dimming switches engineered by and manufactured for Elemental LED. The switches, which come in three options: full slide, rocker slide and button slide, represent the first stylish, wall-mountable 12V LED dimmer switches available to the mass market.

The Reign Revolution

Prior to the release of Reign dimmable switches, the drivers available for dimmable LEDs were expensive and conspicuous, with marginal performance output. “Dimming is an essential lighting feature for most homes and businesses—it allows for versatility and creates ambiance,” says Elemental LED Principal Matthew John. “Unfortunately, traditional dimmable drivers for LED fixtures only dim down to 40% and exhibit flickering all the while. With Reign, all you need is an inexpensive 12V driver to create smooth 0—100% LED dimming.”

LED lights are DC (direct current) devices, while most homes and offices today are wired for 120V AC (alternating current) installations. In order to dim an LED fixture, a driver (i.e. transformer) that converts from DC to AC power is needed.

When developing the Reign line of dimmable switches, Joe Martin, Director of Engineering at Elemental LED, wanted to ensure that they would fit right in with existing home and office décor. “We believe this is the first stylish 12V wall-mount dimmer to be launched in the market.  We designed it to be indistinguishable from a Lutron or other name-brand wall dimmers and give similar performance for 12V fixtures,” says Martin.

The result is a dimmer switch that not only looks and functions like those you’re already used to, but also allows you to save electricity and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Key Features of Reign Dimmable LED Switches:

  • Engineered in the US by Elemental LED.
  • Dimming capabilities range 100—0%, while most dimmable LED drivers only dim down to 40%.
  • Eliminates virtually all of the flickering that is exhibited with traditional drivers.
  • Runs cool (at room temperature) and are much more energy-efficient than other light dimming options on the market.

A Look Ahead:

These wall-mountable switches mark only the beginning of a long line of ground-breaking products soon to become available through Elemental LED’s Reign line. “The Reign line is targeted at forward-thinking consumers who demand higher quality and efficiency from their lighting, and who recognize the shift that is occurring in the lighting industry from 120V AC to 12 or 24V DC installations,” says Martin.

A Peek at Upcoming Reign Products:

  • Touch dimmer
  • RF (radio frequency) dimmers that wirelessly transmit the dimming signal to multiple fixtures in a room.
  • Wall dimmer with a built-in 12V power supply, eliminating the need for an external driver.
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) injectors, used to amplify and boost the PWM signal from the Reign dimmer.

Reign Dimmable LED Switches are available through Elemental LED for $84.99, $5 off the original price. For more information, or to purchase the Reign Dimmable Switches, visit

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