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Elemental LED Innovates with Dual-Slide Reignbow LED Color Selector

Reignbow LED Color SelectorThe new Reignbow LED Color Selector by Elemental LED allows for simultaneous dimming and color selection of RGB LED lights

Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, introduced a new product that expands the uses for color-changing LED lights. The Reignbow LED Color Selector, designed and engineered by Elemental LED, is a dual-slide dimmer and color picker. The slider on the left allows the user to dim RGB LED lights; the dimmer on the right allows the user to choose one color of light to display.

The Reignbow fits into any standard light switch wall outlet. It is different from other LED color controllers in that instead of allowing the user to choose a color-changing pattern for RGB LED lights, it allows the user to select one static color at a time. The Reignbow is perfect for customers who want colorful LED lighting, instead of color-changing LED lighting. The color picker moves through all colors in the spectrum, and the PWM dimmer allows for simultaneous 0-100% dimming.

“The Reignbow is an innovation on our White Balance LED Color Controller. We took that dual-slide wall dimmer and added the capability to choose from the full color spectrum, from green to purple to even white,” says Elemental LED Lead Engineer Joseph Martin.

Elemental LED has been a leader in LED dimming innovation. In 2010 the company released the Reign LED Dimmer Switch, a wall-mount PWM LED dimmer in three styles: full slide, button slide and touch. This was followed last year with the release of the White Balance LED Color Controller, a dual-slide wall-mount LED dimmer that allows users to simultaneously dim and change the color of their LED strip light from cool white to warm white. Recently, the company upgraded the Reign Dimmer so that it can support both 12V and 24V LED lights and voltage up to 100 watts.

“At Elemental LED we make products that go above and beyond the capabilities of traditional lighting while matching the aesthetic of contemporary design,” says Elemental LED CEO Max Darling. “The Reignbow is a great example of this.”

The Reignbow LED Color Selector is available for sale at by itself and in three all-inclusive RGB LED kits. Plus, watch this video to see the Reignbow in action.

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