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Customer Service Takes Center Stage for LED Lighting Retailer Elemental LED

Elemental LED Releases New Video Featuring the Company’s Commitment to Customer Service

Elemental LED, a San Francisco Bay Area-based LED lighting company, released a video featuring the company’s commitment to customer service. The video signals a strong direction the company is taking to maintain a personal approach to customer service while it continues to grow.

The video includes interviews with Elemental LED key stakeholders, including Founder and CEO Max Darling and Director of Business Development Matt John. Darling and John describe their personal commitments to meeting customer needs, and explain how the company was founded on these beliefs.

“The core principles came from what Max wanted to give the customer—to do more with less. To be efficient throughout the whole process, from the product saving energy to the customer saving time,” says John as he reflects on his colleague’s vision of Elemental LED.

Environmental concerns and principles shine in interviews with several employees in the video. The passion of Elemental LED employees for making the world a better place is linked to the customer service they provide in a clear desire to educate and train customers in energy-efficient LED technology.

The business model of Elemental LED includes several customer service components, including a customer service phone and chat line, which is staffed by knowledgeable representatives who walk customers through LED lighting installations, plans and retrofits. The Elemental LED website features a comprehensive LED training center, which is aptly called LEDucation. Help articles include installation videos and tutorials, wiring diagrams, FAQs and LED retrofit examples.

The personal attention Elemental LED staff members provide their customers is what stands out among the company’s resources. Team members encourage customers to get help with their projects and make use of the company’s knowledge base every step of the way. As reflected in the video, this principle comes from the top: “We feel every interaction with a customer is an opportunity and it’s important to us that you can accomplish your goals,” says Darling.

To view the video, and learn more about Elemental LED and how LED lighting retrofits are lowering energy bills for people all over the world, please visit

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