Pimp Your Ride with Waterproof LED Strip Lights

We’ve all seen them and (probably) laughed: tricked-out cars driving down the strip with glowing ground effects that make them look like hovering spacecrafts. Kind of ridiculous, but also kind of awesome, especially if you could just do it for a night without spending lots of money.  It turns out that, thanks to LED strip lights, you can.

Instructables contributor DeusXMachina has posted a step-by-step guide for making an LED ground effects kit for your car. According to the post, it only takes about 3-6 hours and costs about $50. Similar pre-made kits can cost more than $1000; far too much if you ask me, though I’m guessing Paris Hilton may have a different take on that one (have you seen her pink Bentley? OMG!).

All you need are a few waterproof RGB LED strip lights in the colors you want (or get waterproof color-changing LED strip lights if you like to mix it up), along with some basic electrical supplies.

Any LEDIYers want to give this one a try? We’d love to see it posted in our LEDIY series!

You can find the full instructions here. Please remember that in some states and municipalities, it is illegal to have non-signal lights on while your vehicle in motion. According to the California DMV, underglow lights are not allowed on public roads. Check with your local authorities before driving your newly pimped ride on the street.

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