Photo and TV Lighting? No Sweat!

Photo and TV Lighting? No Sweat!

Anyone who has ever been to a photo shoot, film set or TV set knows that things can get a little toasty under the lights. Sometimes it is so hot you can see the model or newscasters makeup melting right before your eyes. Or, you used to be able to, that is, until LED lights entered the picture. One of the wonderful side effects of LEDs’ incredible energy efficiency, you see, is that they generate much less heat than regular halogen bulbs. Halogens, which are what typically provided spotlighting on stage and sets, get very hot very quickly and are therefore difficult to handle and uncomfortable to work beneath.

LED spotlights, on the other hand, allow actors and models to keep their cool by, well, staying cool. Their temperature can remain as low as 3200k, which means they do not present any risk of fire hazard. For instance, Elemental LED’s High Power LED Spot uses a heat-sink design that greatly diminishes heat output, along with energy output—it lasts 20 times longer than its halogen equivalent, but only uses 3 watts of power while shining at a bright 120 lumens. This product has also received the prestigious RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certificate, which ensures that no toxins or harmful materials were used to make it.

Actors, actresses and models are making it known that working under LED lights makes their job much easier and much more enjoyable. Apparently, the latest Ron Howard Movie, Angels and Demons, employed LED spotlights. These types of lights can have great at-home uses as well, lighting gardens and work projects, among other up-close applications.

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