Paris’ Nuit Blanch Comes to Life with Ghostly LED Sculptures

As if there weren’t enough reasons to go to Paris, Nuit Blanch is the French city’s annual celebration of art, performance and light. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, as museums, shops, galleries and recreation centers stay open all night long for one day. This year Nuit Blanch took place on October 6th, and featured many stunning light installations. One of the most talked about, Les Gardiens du Trésor, consisted of several wire sculptures, illuminated with RGB LED lights, creating ghost-like sculptures that seem to float in space. The LED wall washers created a colorful effect but cast eerie shadows though the hollow figures, which were placed near the Crédit Municipal de Paris as guardians. The artist intended to create a mythological space, giving viewers a chance to “stroll through the magical world of myths and light, a modern fairy tale accompanied by original music by Sophie Bommart.” See more from this year’s Nuit Blanch here.

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