Outdoor Path Lighting with Waterproof LED Strip Lights

/i’m going to be moving soon and have already begun to think about new lighting projects I can create in my new space. One of the things I’m most excited about is some outdoor lighting for the front yard and garden area, so I started doing a little research to find some simple DIY LED outdoor lighting ideas.

The first thing I’ll probably need to do is light the pathway leading up to my front door.  That should be fairly simple, considering it’s a straight shot and only about 6 feet long. (Let’s be honest, I won’t be moving into a place as lavish as the one pictured above, but a girl can dream. Also, incidentally, while the above picture uses LED strip lighting behind housings embedded into the wall, I'm going to write about lining a path with LED strip lights. I’ll post a picture of that just a soon as I move and do it myself!

First, I would need six feet of waterproof LED strip light for either side of the pathway. I would probably cut 2 lengths of six feet from a strip light spool, using scissors to slice along the “cut here” icon on our strip lights, which is placed between soldering points. After sealing the cut ends with sealing compound and waterproof end caps, I would line either side of the pathway with my strip lights, and then connect them to a length of light cord using 18/2 LED lamp wire, waterproof solder connectors and heat shrink tubing. Then I would connect the wires of the light cord and the waterproof solder connector, and seal the ends of the heat shrink tubing with more sealing compound. I would then use a plug in adapter and LED adapter splice cable to connect it all to a power source.

I’ll be sure to try this simple LED lighting installation as soon as I move in and post pictures. Until then, if anyone has any questions or tips, be sure to post them here! You can learn more about creating a simple outdoor LED lighting solution here.

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