Lighting the Office Space with LED Light Bars

Office Space Lighting

Light products like LED light bars are useful for creating a working light scheme for the office.

It’s not impossible to save energy while creating a comfortable and productive work environment. There are solid choices in low energy lighting for the office. Energy conserving lighting products like LED light bars are common, but not all products are appropriate for all applications. Providing an adequate quantity of light is not enough. Lighting quality means comfort, good color, uniformity and balanced brightness. All these factors contribute to long term work performance.  Shadows, glare, flicker or chaotic patterns of light or fixtures are distracting to
employees and should be avoided. Fixtures such as LED light bars should be used to light work spaces evenly and provide light where light is needed.


Light should be distributed relatively uniformly in a work environment, avoiding "hot spots," shadows or sharp patterns of light and dark. In larger offices or open-plan spaces, use more than one type of light fixture, each with specific distribution characteristics, to light the task and room surfaces most effectively. Use fixtures like LED light bars to like work spaces and desks. Select fixtures specifically designed for wall washing, to light walls from top to bottom. Avoid locating fixtures closer than 3' from walls. If they are too close, they create harsh patterns and dark upper walls, resulting in a cave-like appearance.


Using LED light bars as desk lights allows workers to control their own lighting to accommodate their individual visual needs. "Articulated" task lights such as LED light bars, are extremely effective without being expensive and are preferable to undercabinet lights for illuminating the task. In particular, they offer flexibility for different workers and different task requirements, and allow for lower levels of ambient light from the ceiling-mounted light fixtures.


Wall cabinets and cabinets attached to furniture partitions create disturbing shadows on the vertical surfaces they overhang. A low quantity of lighting should be provided to remove this shadow and maintain a balance of brightness. Undercabinet lights like LED light bars are available commercially or sold as part of the furniture system.

Creating a comfortable work space is more than ergonomics and choosing soothing wall colors; ensuring that there is ample light is a critical part of creating a happy work force.

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