National Mall Receives LED Lighting Retrofit

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Energy Secretary Steven Chu are leading by example. On Monday, they flipped the switch on the LED light fixtures recently installed on the National Mall. Filled with over 30 important historical landmarks, museums and memorials this national park sees around 24 million visitors per year and uses more energy than all of the other 396 national parks. Or, I should say, it used to use more energy than all of the other national parks. Now, thanks to an LED lighting retrofit sponsored by Osram Sylvania and Pepco, the National Mall will use 65 percent less energy and greatly reduce maintenance costs, since the LED light bulbs will not have to be replaced for 25 years.

Though the Energy Independence Act, which required that retailers begin to phase out energy inefficient incandescent bulbs in January 2012, lost a little steam recently, it’s still technically the law. So it’s good to see the leaders of our country leading by example and making changes that are aligned with these regulations. Changes like these will end up saving us all money, and help to save the planet, too.

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