Moldable Japanese Lanterns Transform Home LED Lighting

We’ve all seen Japanese-inspired paper lanterns—they’re available in myriad colors, shapes and sizes everywhere from Target to IKEA. These vibrant lighting fixtures are popular for a reason; cheerful and easy to install, they quickly provide whimsical ambient lighting for any indoor or outdoor space. Lighting designer Anthony Dickens recently took the concept up a notch with Tekio, a modular Japanese Chōchin paper lantern system that allows the user to create any number of illuminated forms to suit his/her individual needs and preferences.

At the May, 2012 Clerkenwell Design Week in London, Dickens unveiled his new product and explained that his aim was to create “a simple tool for people to express themselves." Dickens’ clever design employs lightweight, tubular aluminum frames equipped with magnets on either end, which allow the pieces to effortlessly and endlessly connect to one another. The paper sleeves can be straight or curved and illuminated from within by energy efficient LED light kits.

Fittingly, Tekio means “adaptation” in Japanese and indeed, Dickens’ design is able to sustain infinite evolutions and re-imaginations. It’s not a question of how Tekio will adapt to your home, but how your home will adapt to Tekio, the ultimate customizable home LED lighting system!

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