Mike's Christmas Celebright LED Lights

Michael Goodman, our IT Support and Training Specialist decorated a tree with Celebright™ LED Holiday Lights and hooked the lights up to the Apollo Jammer to create a dancing effect with the lights. He used some of each color: warm white, multi-color and blue. And even though these LEDs are not technically color-changing, it almost looks like they are, as the different colors blink on and off to the tune of the music.

There are many ways to use these Jammin' Celebright Lights: wrap them around a tree, a wreath, a banister, or any decoration you'd like to light up! The bendable shiny wire is perfect to dazzle up any kind of shape. Michael's inspiration was to have his Christmas tree lights dance to the music that he would play at a holiday party. Michael is known around here as the office Santa: he organized the staff Secret Santa exchange and a company holiday playlist. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise that Michael would create such an awesome holiday project.

Check out the video to see Michael’s Celebright Tree Lights in action:

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