Low Voltage Lighting: A List of Benefits

Low Voltage Lighting ExampleThe gap in pricing between low voltage lighting and more traditional high voltage lighting continues to close, while the list of benefits for utilizing low voltage lighting continues to grow. Most consumers are familiar with the well-known energy efficiency benefits of LED lighting, but many still wonder, when is the right time to make the switch to LEDs? Here is an updated list of benefits that demonstrates why LED technology has now emerged as the clear choice for any lighting installation:


With recent advancements in low voltage lighting technology, lighting have reached new milestones when it comes to expected lifespan. In comparison, fluorescent lighting will reach the end of its projected lifespan far more quickly and abruptly. Fluorescent and other traditional light sources need to be replaced far more often than LED lighting. Customers demand a quality, low-maintenance light source, and LED lights provide an easy, long-lasting solution.

Flexibility to Fit Anywhere

LED lighting fixtures allow for endless installation possibilities. LED strip light and tape light are extremely low profile and field cuttable to fit in almost any location. The low profile form of LED strip light makes it the perfect lighting solution for areas where traditional lighting could never fit.

Superior Brightness Capability

With recent advancements in low voltage lighting, certain linear LED light fixtures now offer greater brightness capability than fluorescent light sources of equal length. The compact form of lighting allows the installer to create powerful parallel runs of low profile LED lighting, providing exceptional brightness across the full length of a linear space.

More Color Options

Low voltage lighting is available in far more color temperature (CCT) options than its fluorescent counterpart. LED lights offer wide array of white light color temperatures, including different shades of warm white, neutral white, and cool white, as well as single color options such as red, green, or blue. Elemental LED even offers specialized services to manufacture lighting with a customized color temperature to meet specific customer requirements. With color-changing RGB technology, pre-programmed or programmable color controllers are used to switch between different single color modes or color-changing effects.

Outstanding Lighting Uniformity

LED lighting offers consistent and uniform light production that is especially important in linear lighting installations. The uniform lumen output of linear LED lighting offers a consistent, ambient light fill for any space along the entire length of an installation. From diode to diode, LEDs produce a consistent beam angle.

Energy Efficiency

Low voltage lighting consumes 80% less energy than CFLs and incandescent bulbs. The cost savings associated with the low energy consumption of LED lights is just one of many added benefits to utilizing low voltage lighting technology. With recent advancements in LED technology, LEDs now lead the lighting industry in the categories of longevity, brightness, uniformity, and color options.

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