Liven Displays and Display Cases with LED Accessories and Lights


LED lighting products are very well suited to light up your business’s front window display or item display case. They create attractive lighting, come in housing options that range from easily disguised to visually attractive, and cost less to power than any other lighting option. Using the right LED accessories, lights, and LED parts, a store owner can install LED lighting in display windows or cases to maximize the ability to grab potential consumers’ attention, and do so for less.

The most popular and effective LED lighting for display includes LED light bars, LED puck lights, and LED light strips. These are all easy to install and produce significant amounts of light. Strip lighting works well for odd shaped lighting needs because it is flexible, cuttable, and has an adhesive back so it can be affixed anywhere. This makes it particularly effective as part of a store window display. Puck Lights look great and are small enough to fit anywhere, so they can be used as targeted accent lighting or installed along the edges of display cases and under ledges to illuminate products. Light bars are the best choice for product display cases, because they are narrow enough that they won’t obstruct views too much, but they are also great for general lighting and can be creatively used as accent lighting.

All these LED lighting sources lend themselves to a few obvious uses in display cases. But the gamut of available LED accessories increases LED lights’ potential applications and makes it easier to envision more dynamic display lighting. Some of the most interesting accessories include RGB color changing wireless remote controls, rechargeable batteries, and white balance controllers. Combined with practical accessories such as strip to strip connectors, extension cables, and signal boosters needed to power longer series of lights on the same connection, these accessories put imaginative and effective display lighting easily within reach.

The basic principles of display lighting design are obviously still important: you want to grab passer-bys’ attention and entice them to enter the store and spend some money. No matter how you use LED lighting to make your products look appealing, you need to keep your customer base in mind and create the right atmosphere to appeal to them. For example, if you market hip, urban furniture to New York professionals, this could mean mixing  a sense of excitement and dynamism – using color-changing bright, warm colors, and uplighting with light bars, and sharp contrasts – with a tone of effortless and understated quality by leaving out the extra bright, white and metal accents that more modern displays would use.

In any event, by integrating versatile and energy-conserving LED lighting and accessories, you will have the opportunity to experiment with more creative and effective display case lighting that also saves you money on electricity costs, making it a wise investment.

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