LEDs Grow Plants in Space

I've never had a "green thumb," as they call it - even the hardiest house plants seem to whither under my care. So you can imagine I'm quite amazed, if not jealous, of scientists who have figured out how to grow plants in outer space. I can't seem to do it even when things like air and sunlight, both of which are kinda necessary for the existence  life as we know it, are available. But, NASA researchers have figured out how to cultivate life in less that optimal conditions using a plant growth unit in the Astrocultures facility to grow plants, including edible crops in outer space. The device employs UV LED lights that allow plants to photosynthesize as they would under regular sunlight. The technique has been used in indoor gardens down on planet Earth for years, but researchers were unsure if it would work above the atmosphere. But thanks to the energy efficient, durable and consistent nature of LED lights, it seems that growing plants in space is a possibility after all, and in fact, has been for quite some time. LEDs were used, for instance, in the Advanced Astrocultures unit on the International Space Station. We here at Elemental LED also offer a UV/IR LED Strip Light for commercial applications. Check it out and see what UV LEDs can do for you, even if you're planning on staying firmly planted on the Earth's surface for the foreseeable future. Thank you to NASA for the photo. For more info on growing plants with LED lights, check out this post we wrote a while back.

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