LEDs Become "Largest Retrofit in Naval History"

Two Naval bases in California are receiving a complete lighting overhaul, leading to what some are calling "the largest lighting retrofit in Naval history." The Naval bases ofPort Hueneme and Point Mogu in Ventura County are set to replace more than 1,000 street lights, area lights and parking lot lights with LED lights, according to The Environmental Leader. The goals of the retrofit are to reduce energy and maintenance costs and the overall carbon footprint of the bases. The LED lights being installed are expected to reduce exterior lighting costs by 60 percent, and increase the life of the lamps by three times. Naval Base Ventura County Energy Manager, Tom Santoianni, is quoted as saying, "The entire project at the two bases will reduce our energy consumption by 317,445 KwH (Kilowatt Hours) which translates into a reduction of 228 metric tons of CO2 emissions* and will cut our annual utility bill by $45,500, based on the average Ventura County, CA utility rate of $0.14.KwH. This helps us to set the environmental standard for US Naval Bases."

Switching to LED lights is not the only thing the Naxvy is doing to maximize its sutainability, though the lighting is helping enorlously. A 2009 study showed that the Navy could save 87 percent of the electricity used on existing shipboard lighting systems by converting to LED and HID lighting systems. Furthermore, the Navy announced last year that it would install solar energy systems at its US bases, and signed a $100 million contract to do so.

It's big changes like these that are most encouraging for both the LED lighting industry as well as for the environment. If a US government organization like the Navy recognizes not only the need to reduce carbon emissions, but also the fact that switching to LEDs is a vital step in doing so, perhaps it's easier to see how we can all make similar changes in our individuals daily lives. If you think it's time you retrofitted your house, for instance, why not start with our line of LED retrofitting products? There's something for almost any application, and they're the perfect tool for making the switch from energy consumer to energy saver!

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