LED Wallpaper Makes Waves in Home Decor

LED wallpaper has been in the works for a while, but it seems that Architects Paper might beat others to the punch by making their RGB LED wall treatments available sooner than the rest. In collaboration with well-known lighting designer Ingo Maurer, Architects Paper has created a versatile product that can change color, and can be applied to as large or small a section of wall as you like. The wallpaper is actually comprised of two main components: thin circuit board sheeting and dimmable LED lights, which allow the user to create low ambient lighting, or brighter, functional lighting. Maurer raves, “"The LED wallpaper offers very thrilling possibilities to illuminate rooms: Dimmed, enigmatic light hardly revealing where the shine is coming from or an urban vibrating atmosphere – to mention only a few options. It’s magic!
 A big advantage also is that the LED wallpaper can be hung in more or fewer strips and lengths according to the architecture and furnishing of a room. Interior designers have the choice.”


As far as tech specs go, I was able to surmise a few details about the product: one length of LED wallpaper depicts five different repeating patterns and contains 168 LED lights in white, blue and red. Each length uses an RGB controller to adjust brightness and color settings of the wallpaper.

It looks like home decorating just got taken up a notch, thanks to LED lights! Who’s going to try this on their next remodel project?

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