LED Seesaw Creates Playful Public Art in Australia

Eness, an Australian art and design studio, installed A Tilt of Light in Melbourne’s Federation Square to teach participants a little something about physics, but also to remind them that having fun isn’t just for kids.

33 strips of LED tape light are encapsulated inside the main body of the seesaw in sections. As either end moves up and down, the lights chase each other across its length, highlighting the kinetic aspect of this creative interactive installation.

The LED lighting strip is wrapped around the inner portion of the saw, and then red-tinted custom fabricated acrylic housing is installed over the top. Thanks to a physics engine (computer software that simulates and/or reacts to predetermined physical movements, AKA what is used in most video games today), the flexible LED lights respond to the motion of the seesaw and create intriguing visual feedback for its riders. After a month-long run in Federation Square, A Tilt of Light is now installed at Eness’ studios in Melbourne…they invite the public to come in and check it out! For a video of Tilt of Light in action, visit Eness’ website.

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