Light It Up with Puck Lights

Shine a New Light on Old Things with LED Puck Lights

Light it up with LED Puck Lights

With fresh, new lighting, you can achieve a brand new new look for your home. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Designers use inexpensive tools like LED puck lights to shine a new light on old things!

Light It Up (instead of down)

Designers and landscapers love up-lights and LED puck lights. The fixtures are inexpensive and require almost no installation beyond a simple plug in, and they instantly light up and transform a space. Indoors you can set a can up light behind a floor plant, behind a piece of furniture like a chest or armoire, or on top of a cabinet. The light will wash over a wall or up to a ceiling, providing indirect light for the room.

Change Out a Ceiling Light

Take down a dated brass ceiling light  and try replacing it with a new, more up to date fixture. Don't date yourself with lighting!

Use LED Puck Lights for Focus

The light beam from an LED puck light can be focused at artwork, a work area, onto the ceiling, or down. Dark halls, a dining room, or home office is a great place LED puck lights.

Place LED Puck Lights on a Book Shelf

Often, bookshelves are dark and it's hard to find the book you're searching for. Install under shelf light fixtures, strip lights, small LED puck lights, or a small lamp.

Under Cabinet Lights

Instead of using all overhead lights, I love to install lighting under cabinets and conceal plugs and cords. Under cabinet lights like LED puck lights shine the light right onto the work space and the room retains a wonderful ambiance. Using dimmers for all these lights is great, too.

Top Off Your Art With a Picture Light

If you've invested in fine art, you probably already know this tip. But even modest art looks better with directed lighting focusing on it. Select the right size for your piece and the room.

LED puck lights and other accent lights are the secret weapons of light designers. Shining a new light on old elements of your existing design can give your home an instant face lift.

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