Versatility from Portability

12V portable battery packEnjoy Versatility and Adaptability with LED Power Supplies

As with most conventional lighting, the majority of LED lighting installed in the home, store, or place of business should probably be hardwired into the current electrical system. But there are a number of situations where it makes more sense to rely on LED power supplies and take advantage of the portability that this creates, as a way to have a more adaptable lighting system. Most of these scenarios revolve around either a short-term need for specific lighting or the desire to have physically moveable lights.

The first group that can benefit from an LED lighting strategy based around LED power supplies are party planners and those concerned with outdoor lighting for special events, which includes people who want to use portable outdoor LED lighting at their own homes. The party planner is the clearest example of this type of person. Color changing LED lights are indispensable tools to create a specific mood for outdoor parties at night. Not only can they be programmed and set up in virtually any way to improve the aesthetics of the space while delivering functional lighting, they won’t pollute as much as standard party lights while turned on.

This versatility is supported by the portability that planners derive from using LED power supplies and perhaps extension cords. And planners can obviously stand to bear the investment up front because they can spread the cost out over several parties, enabling themselves to provide superior and eco-friendly lighting all the while. The situation is similar for homeowners who want semi-permanent outdoor lighting, although they have stronger incentives to make the outdoor LED lighting permanent. The main benefits of keeping the lighting portable include the above-mentioned versatility and the ability to keep the lighting protected from particularly inclement weather. In either case, it is clear that any time lighting design will be made more effective by flexibility, LED lighting schemes that use LED power supplies will excel.

Another situation where portable energy-efficient lighting can be put to great use is in theaters that stage theatrical productions. They benefit from keeping costs down as well as from the increased safety of LED lights, which generate virtually no heat. But the real benefit comes from using LED power supplies instead of hardwired lighting, for the obvious reason that this makes it possible to reposition the lighting as needed. Most stages have the majority of their lighting installed off the ground, along the walls and ceiling to create more space on and immediately off-stage, and to decrease the amount of heat on stage. This means that a few safe, durable, portable lighting sources built with LEDs and LED power supplies will be able to fill a significant gap in the stage lighting toolkit.

One final scenario, though there are many more, where portable LED lights can be very useful is in art gallery and exhibition lighting. Galleries are always changing and with each new exhibit, new lighting schemes, colors, and setups are necessary. The more flexible and open a gallery space, the better it will be at featuring different types of artists, the more beneficial semi-permanent LED lighting using LED power supplies will be.

The theme in all of these cases is that using LED power supplies instead of hardwiring LED lighting leads to portability, which creates flexibility of lighting design. This basic concept synergizes particularly well with LED lighting, because many of the lights and light fixtures themselves are more versatile and even physically flexible than conventional incandescent lighting, and so lend themselves well to a wide range of creative uses, which become easier and more effective with the right LED accessories.

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