LED PODS Create Miniature Worlds at Art Experiment

The third annual “Art Experiment” at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow wrapped up last month on January 23rd. The event typically runs for three weeks, and focuses on art installations and workshops that allow visitors to interact with art in innovative and surprising ways. Besides experiencing and engaging with several commissioned works, viewers are also given a chance to create art themselves in the form of drawing, photography and even baking! Through these activities they are participating in and contributing to the event as it evolves over the course of three weeks.

One of my favorite commissioned pieces in the event is called PODS by Singaporean artist Danielle Tay. Tay created several igloo-like rooms and enclosures, which each represent an entirely different world for the viewer. The installation engages the user on multiple sensory levels—sight, sound, touch and smell. Many of them are illuminated thanks to RGB LED lights, hidden LED strip lights or cabinet lighting. Some emit a spooky blue glow, while others shine brightly with warm, inviting yellow lights. The immersive experience transports participants to imaginary universes, and allows them to create their own as well! Once they have experienced PODS, they are invited to “Micro-Worlds,” a workshop where they can create their own “miniature worlds inside a half-sphere…each containing a ‘micro universe’. These are then exhibited, so that hundreds of individual worlds fill the gallery space.” (Art Daily)

Art Experiment ended on January 23rd, but another one will take place next year in 2014. I can’t wait to see what comes out of it! With both this and the winter Olympics taking place in Russia in 2014, I just may have to make the trip!

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