LED Lights Create Roving Music Machines at Burning Man 2012

For my final Burning Man post of the year, I bring you two of the most talked-about “mutant vehicles” on the Playa: Bump Bed and Robot Heart. Both are mobile, LED-covered stages built into large, hollowed-out vehicles, but each uses LED lights in a different way. 

Bump Bed started off as an old, beat up RV. Hollowing out the center of the vehicle and creating custom paneling covered in over 6,000 DMX LED lights transformed the RV into a larger-than-life, roving bunk bed that doubles as a sound stage. Like any good bunk bed, Bump Bed has two levels and a light show so captivating, you’ll think you’re dreaming! Check it out in action in this video.

Robot Heart claims to be bring “the best mobile sound system and DJ lineup to Burning Man,” and judging by the pictures, they may be right. A bus outfitted with a 85,000 watt sound system that includes 24 X 21" subwoofers, 24 horn speakers, 20 amplifiers and 20 high intensity LED video panels, Robot Heart was mentioned as the place to be for many Playa-dwellers this year. Equally impressive as the sound system is the heart itself, which is a 9-foot geodesic structure onto which 3D mapping projection can be displayed. In past years, the heart was simply outlined with RGB LED lights, which created a beautiful, illuminated sculpture on stage. This year, the heart was transformed into an interactive projection canvas, and though pictures have yet to surface, you can see video of it in action here.

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