LED Lights at Burning Man #3: Elemental LED Art Projects

JoeJoe Martin, Elemental LED’s lead engineer, contributed his incredible talents (and some of Elemental LED's LED lights) to a few projects at Burning Man this year. Here’s a look at what he worked on.

The Otic Oasis

Burning Man, some might say, is an experiment in maximalism—big art, big music, big costumes, all converging in a big, hot desert. So, where does one go in the midst of all that stimuli for a bit of quiet reflection? The artists behind The Otic Oasis decided to provide a place where Burners could do just that, in the form of a 35-foot geometric cluster structure placed off the beaten path within Black Rock City. The design team writes: “This year, there’s a new installation that intends to bring citizens an audio antidote by providing an alternative of peace and quiet. The OTIC OASIS will be the first structure in a cordoned off wilderness area in the City, a part of the City where no motorized vehicles are permitted and large-scale sound systems don’t penetrate – deep in walk-in camping. At last, a wilderness retreat where the aural options are in keeping with the indigenous stillness and aesthetics of the Black Rock desert.”

Otic Oasis designers built the structure using interconnected pieces of wood, eschewing nails, glue and screws, and illuminated it with Elemental LED color-changing LED lights. Below is a closer look at a miniature model displayed at Lighting in a Bottle festival earlier this year. As more pictures of the full-sized, lighted Otic Oasis surface from Burning Man, we’ll be sure to post them!


RGB LED lights

Another masterpiece by stroboscopic zoetrope artist Pete Hudson, this kinetic metal sculpture explores the theme of mortality through its depiction of Charon, the Greek mythological figure who carried deceased souls across the river to Hades. Like a flipbook on steroids, the circular structure spins as flashing strobe lights animate the skeletal shape rowing devilishly across the water.

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