LED Lighting Illuminates Stained Glass Art by Castles Made of Sand

Meg Minogue , stained glass artist behind Castles Made of Sand contacted us to help her light up one of her beautiful works of art of a pair of mahi-mahi aka dorados. Our Customer Service Supervisor, Corey Whitfield, collaborated with her to find the best lighting solution. Here is her story:

"These dorados were originally designed for a large picture window in an apartment. The owners had moved into a home but the large window space did not follow. However, a large wall space was available in the main living area. Moving into the home, the quick fix option was to hang the panel on “L” brackets 6 inches off of the wall so the light could still shine through it. We re-designed this idea to light it up when the owners saw fit, not when the sun designated."

"A large steel frame was built and powder coated to secure the glass. A Mylar backing was added to the interior of the frame to reflect off and even out as much light as possible (Thanks Corey!)."

" Three strands of the Flexible LED Strip Light - 16.4 foot spool in neutral white were taped to the Mylar along with a 12V Inline Dimmer Switch."

"The frame was mounted and the glass was slid into the frame to show off an amazing sight of color. Many thanks goes out to Kenny at Al-Be Inc. for a sweet frame design, spot on frame construction by Ca Air Conveying Corp, an awesome powder coat from OC Plating Co, Inc. and the bomb LEDs from Corey at Elemental LED!!"


We love how this project turned out. The colors of the kelp are true to life and play off nicely with the blue background. We are happy to add another dimension of depth to this piece. Thank you Meg for sharing!

If you would like to feature your project using our LED lights, contact us at answers@elementalled.com.

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