L8 SmartLight Uses RGB LEDs to Light up Your Digital Life

Our exceedingly electronic world is filled with pings, buzzes and beeps, all vying for attention and notifying us of a constant stream of emails, texts, tweets and more. Now, you can silence those pesky audio intrusions in favor of pretty RGB LED lights. The L8 SmartLight is a desktop device that uses wireless, Bluetooth and home LED technology to provide fun, customizable visual feedback about all of your digital interactions.

The box connects to your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth or USB, and then uses a grid of 64 RGB LED lights, one high-powered LED light and an internal RGB controller to display colorful icons that are unique to each notification type. Just imagine: a blue F alerts you to Facebook notifications, a red heart indicates a text from your loved one, a palm tree reminds you of an upcoming vacation, and a frowny face breaks the news that you’re being unexpectedly called into work. Besides being a joy to look at, the L8 SmartLight will make life easier for the hearing impaired.

Added features include proximity, luminosity and temperature sensors, which help the L8 know when to wake up, how many lumens to emit and when it’s time to turn on the AC. What can’t this clever LED sign light do?

To top it off, the L8 also provides colorful ambient lighting. At the very least it’s sure to act as a conversation starter when you ask your date in for a nightcap. Just make sure your girlfriend doesn’t text you at the same time.

Contribute to L8’s Kickstarter campaign, or learn more on the L8 SmartLight website.


Thanks to L8 SmartLight for the images.

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