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Our customer Julie recently used LED lighting in a dining room light fixture she created out of two varieties of maple and a wood called panauk. To light it up she used Elemental's REIGN™ LED Dimmer Switch, a 12V 60W LED Driver, and a 16 foot spool of CORONIS™ High Output LED Light Strip. She was kind enough to share some pictures of the beautiful light fixture and tell us a bit about the project:

"Designing, engineering and creating the fixture was one of the most time consuming woodworking projects I've ever done. I'm happy to report I finished it a few weeks ago and installed it just this week. While the pictures don't do justice to the woodworking, the lighting effect is pretty cool.

"I also used the dark wood (padauk) from the fixture and made a coverplate for the dimmer switch. The fixture is made from padauk, high figure maple and quilted maple.

"Due to the use of maple as a reflector, I needed every bit of the high density LED. I routed a groove in the padauk strips on the bottom of the fixture just deep enough to hide the LED strips. Looking up, you can see their reflection off the maple reflectors as I used a high gloss finish on the wood and polished them to a mirror-like finish. I had initially used a satin finish but after I tested the lights I realized I needed more light reflecting back down. It was a lot of work, but it turned out much better with the high gloss finish.













"I'm working on other ways to utilize LED into my woodworking projects. I really like the idea of self-lighted wood art."

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