Joel Devlin Creates Bionic Landscapes with LED Lights

British photographer Joel Devlin takes light painting, the act of using long exposures to capture streaks of moving light on film, to a whole new level in his series,  “Light Waves & Dark Currents.” Using high-powered, waterproof LED lights and shooting at night, Devlin experimented with exposure lengths of around 50 minutes, letting water and wind take the LED lights slowly through each landscape. The results are strikingly fresh renditions of some of England’s most photographed natural environments. The pieces definitely make a statement about how much human existence (specifically technology) has impacted our natural world. In fact, Devlin won an award at the Association of Photographers in 2010 in the Environment category for this body of work.

The juxtaposition of technology and nature (in this case outdoor LED lighting is immersed directly into nature, highlighting its every curve and subtle movement) creates a haunting and mysterious feel in each photo. ”Shooting in the dark offers a painterly aesthetic,” Devlin told the Independent, “but by adding the lights, I feel I’m infusing something very modern into something ancient, and the mood suddenly feels futuristic.”

For more information about the photographer, visit Joel Devlin’s website.

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